Budding Signers
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A group of enthusiastic signers, professional and native, who want to promote an inclusive learning environment for little humans and their families.
Why Sign Language?
Benefits of Sign Language
  • Reduces frustration in the child
  • Provides a way for them to express themselves before they are able to do so verbally
  • Increased parent-child bonding
  • Speeds up speech development
  • Allows the child to communicate important information, such as pain, hungry and emotions.
A baby's hand

Our Story

Donnajean started Budding Signers while she was on maternity leave with her first child in 2019. Her husband Andrew is profoundly Deaf and they use sign language to communicate on a daily basis.

They knew their son Calvin's first language would be American Sign Language.

While teaching her son to sign Donnajean was inspired to spread the benefits of signing with infants and little ones to their parents and caregivers.

Video still of signing baby
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